Manvir Lall Square

Manvir Lall

Learning Mentor

Manvir is one of our Learning Mentors. He works in partnership with vocational and academic teaching staff to plan, deliver, monitor, and review effective learning support that enables students to learn, achieve and succeed.

We asked Manvir a variety of questions about his role and why he finds LCB such a fantastic place to work.

What is the main purpose of your role?

To work in partnership with vocational and academic teaching staff to plan, deliver, monitor, and review effective learning support that enables students to learn, achieve and succeed. This means the ability to work flexibly and responsively to provide holistic and person-centred support that enables students to develop skills for learning, life, and work. I have to ensure students are safeguarded and that their best interests are at the centre of everything we do. This could be in class or 1:1 support outside of class.

How long have you worked at Leeds College of Building?

I started to work at Leeds College of Building from October 2020, so just over a year and half.

What’s your background?

Before coming to work for the college, I was working at Leeds Beckett University as an Access and Widening Participation Ambassador. During that time, I was studying my undergraduate in Social Psychology and my postgraduate, hoping to become a Psychotherapist. I couldn’t achieve that goal, however, I enjoyed working with young people to aspire them in succeeding in their lives through education, I wanted to continue in a similar role after working at the university.

What experience or qualifications do you have that help you in your role?

I have my degree in Social Psychology, working with young people from primary and secondary school at the university. When I was working there, we would organise a wide range of activities for young people which aim to increase their confidence to succeed in Higher Education (HE). Activities offered cover areas such as student life, course options at university, university application process. Our team offer specific programmes and activities to young people from BAME and care-experienced backgrounds.

Why did you join LCB?

My cousin used to work here, and I knew friends who came to study here. They all said what a great place of work it is, and how staff are friendly and supportive. You get to build a relationship with the young people and see their journey from where they started to where they are in the present. The role intrigued me and meant I could put my knowledge and skills into practice, as well as, learning a lot new things which I was unfamiliar of.

If you joined Leeds College of Building from another sector or industry, why did you decide to move into education?

I already worked in education area but wanted a new experience as I’ve previously worked in schools and universities, but never in further education i.e. a college.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

For me, personally, the most rewarding aspect of the job is seeing a young person grow and build their emotional resilience. They gain the confidence in their own ability and build their own independence. It does come with its struggles, however, it brings a sense of purpose and internal positivity, when you see the young person succeeding.

What’s your view of the working environment and facilities at Leeds College of Building?

The working environment is friendly and professional at the same time. The facilities for each course and trade here are great, because it allows staff and young people to learn the skills visually by using the correct materials and tools related to what they are studying here. The tutors are always keeping on top of new products or tools that are being used in the construction industry and seeing how they can implement them into the programme.

What advice would you give to anyone considering working at Leeds College of Building?

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to work here is really get to know your team and who you work with (staff and students). It took time to settle in as I started during covid and lockdown. However, when restrictions were lifted and we were back at college, I used it as an opportunity to learn something new and keep an open mind. I found something I really enjoy and something I never imagined may have been right for me. Everyone was so welcoming.