We recognise that there are certain groups of people who may face particular educational and vocational disadvantages. The College promotes positive actions and attitudes towards and between all members of staff and students. We seek not only to eliminate discrimination, but also to create a learning environment based on positive relations between members of different groups.

We encourage all students to acquire respect for democracy and the democratic processes, respect for other faiths and beliefs, respect for individual liberty and a respect for the basis on which the law is made and applied in modern Britain.

The College's Equality and Inclusion Officer will be familiar with the kinds of problems that students may experience. They are available to speak to privately on any matters that are concerning you.

They can be contacted on 0113 222 6000 ext 6107.

Useful Documents

Download: Equality Inclusion & British Values Policy

Download: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan

Download: Gender Pay Gap Report 2018    

Download: Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Download: Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Download: Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

The College celebrates and values the diversity brought to the College by students and staff.