Request for Disclosure of Personal Data (subject access requests)

Under section 29(3) of the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR

Working with the Police and other law enforcement agencies is vital for ensuring the detection and prevention of crime. Therefore, sharing data with the Police / other law enforcement and assisting them with their enquiries is essential for the purposes of law enforcement and public protection.

The College is committed to all aspects of data protection and takes seriously its duties under the Data Protection Act [DPA 1998] and GDPR. This policy will apply to all requests for information concerning staff, students and any individuals who are providing services on behalf of the College.

The College also recognises that individuals also have specific rights in relation to their personal information being held by the College.

The College will also balance the rights of the individual and always aim to share ‘person-identifiable confidential data’ with the individual’s express consent, unless a legal or statutory requirement applies for the disclosure to be made without the express consent of the individual.

This guidance and the associated procedures outline the general protocols for working with the Police and other law enforcement agencies at Leeds College of building. It explains the principles the College needs to consider, when asked to release personal and sensitive information relating to an individual, whether this is with the consent of the individual or in a situation, or where information is disclosed without an individual’s explicit consent. The guidance will be in line with the College’s responsibility to handle, process and store data responsibly in compliance with the eight data principles in the Data Protection Act [1998] and GDPR,

The following staff at Leeds College of Building have authority to make a decision on whether or not to release the personal information. They will be briefed on their responsibilities on this procedure.

Authorised staff include;

  • Members of the Senior Management Team
  • Assistant Faculty Directors
  • Equality, Inclusion and Safeguarding Manager
  • Student Services Manager
  • Neil Kline (only CCTV requests)

For further guidance please refer to the College Policy on Requests for Disclosure of Personal Data.