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Higher Education Case Studies

John-Thomas Legge

What made you decide to pursue a career in Building Services Engineering?

I initially wanted to be a domestic heating engineer as I perceived it to be a good trade in which I would be able to forge a satisfying career in. The challenge of learning new skills and developing the ones I had on the job appealed to me in a field I was interested in.

How did it come about?

I secured a place at LCB 2 years running on the plumbing course, however I couldn't take my place as I could not find an employer to take me on as an apprentice so I sought a route into the industry in the commercial and industrial field with NG Bailey. I was taken on as a heating and ventilation apprentice and learned my trade as a pipe fitter / welder over their four year apprenticeship scheme. Upon successful completion of my apprenticeship I was offered the chance to continue my development and study to become a building services engineer. I grasped the opportunity and am currently forging a fulfilling career within the industry although I have deviated from my initial career path.

What is your job title and a brief description of what you do?

I am a project engineer, focusing on the mechanical aspects of building services installations. The responsibilities of my role are; rationalising system designs, constructing the materials estimate, providing value engineering solutions where possible, procuring materials, engaging with package subcontractors, aiding the construction and management of the project programme, managing the work packaging system, ensuring key project milestones are met and the installation meets the required standard, coordinating system testing and commissioning, delivering defect free systems with descriptive operation and maintenance information for the end user.

What have been your greatest achievements at college and work?

My greatest achievement at college is winning Higher Apprentice of the Year at the Leeds Apprenticeship Awards. I am immensely proud of this achievement as I feel I have worked hard to maintain a high level of consistency in my work throughout the BTEC and HND.

My greatest achievement at work is being able to use the knowledge and skills I learned as an apprentice to progress within the company and become an influential member of the project team on some high profile projects.

Have you got any advice you would give to students starting out?

Embrace every opportunity given to you academically and professionally. Be proactive and enthusiastic in your approach to all available experiences and naturally you will be granted more challenging tasks and added responsibility. Don't get frustrated in the early stages of your course as some tasks may seem quite menial initially, the rewards for hard work will be granted over time. The construction industry is recovering and there is great potential to forge a rewarding and successful career in the field.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue my development in a professional capacity, enhancing my experience of project delivery and completing my degree in Business and Management.

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