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Higher Education Case Studies

Fatima Alghali

Employer: Balfour Beatty

Job Title: Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Current Project: Crossrail

Why did you choose the course you took at LCB?

The course was moulded for what we required as quantity surveyors between the college and my company.

Did you have any careers advice at school about the options available?

I left school 10 years ago and back then, the careers advice was there, but I never knew what I wanted to really do until I left and started to follow my strengths and interests.

Did your friends think it unusual that you chose construction?

Not at all, my friends were used to me speaking about new buildings and construction, especially in property.

What image did you have of the industry and has your opinion changed at all since you started your studies?

I thought it is very white, male dominated. I still feel that is the case but there are more and more companies out there working on diversity. As a young black woman it never fazed me and I have learnt so much thus far. Equally you find that, it’s not just laying the bricks or digging the tunnel that needs doing, but many more supporting roles to allow that to happen.

What are your future ambitions?

I aspire to become a chartered quantity surveyor. I would like to move into consultancy as I feel it suits my personality much better and would allow for flexible working when self-employed.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Chartered, Self-employed, abroad and working on another iconic project.

Have there been any negatives to choosing construction?


What are the positives of being a young woman in the construction industry?

Honestly, I don’t see it any differently. Man or woman it is a brilliant industry that has room for every level and expertise. We all learn from each other and work together to ultimately achieve the end goal. The most positive thing is that I inspire others.

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