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Plastering DIY Course

  • Subject Area: Plastering
  • Attendance: Part-time
  • Qualification: Level 1 Certificate
  • Course Start: Courses run on a frequent basis and are subject to demand
  • Course Length: 10 evenings
  • Location: North Street Campus
  • Cost: £311

Course Dates

Courses run frequently subject to demand


Level 1 Diploma


You should be interested in the plastering industry and/or developing some home DIY skills.


Areas covered include:
  • Introduction to basic tools and their uses
  • Applying materials to solid backgrounds
  • Internal solid plastering to include dot-and-dab methods
  • Fix sheet materials
  • Applying setting coats
  • Repairs to internal solid plastering

Further Information

To apply for this course please phone the Construction Crafts team on 0113 222 6014 or email info@lcb.ac.uk.

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