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Welding Competency Test (DSEW)

  • Subject Area: Welding
  • Attendance: Short Course
  • Qualification: Competency Certificate
  • Course Start: Various
  • Course Length: Approximately 4 hours depending on experience
  • Location: North Street Campus
  • Cost: £132 per test

Course Dates

Courses run frequently subject to demand


Candidates must be working in the heating and ventilation industry or must supply a previous employers name and address who can verify that the candidate has carried out at least 6 months welding on site to industrial standards.


It is a practical competency test to class 2 standard which allows the operative to weld on construction sites within the UK.

There are two competency tests available, manual metal arc (MMA) and oxyacetylene. You can select the test you would like to carry out on the day.

Further Information

Certificates are valid for 3 years.

Tests can be carried out on site.

Candidates must bring proof of identity e.g. skill card, passport, driving licence prior to test.

To apply please phone 0113 222 6006 or email business@lcb.ac.uk

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