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Completing a work placement at Leeds College of Building is an effective way to gain experience on-the-job whilst learning the fundamentals at College. Working with our placement officers, students have the help and guidance to find the right position for them.

Dyrell, a Level 3 Plumbing student with an attendance of 98% was recommended by his tutor to meet with one of our placement officers at the College to see what opportunities were available to him. Recognising the best position for Dyrell, he was put in touch with Tony Grimshaw from Parker Plumbing & Heating where it was agreed that Dyrell would complete a weeks placement with the opportunity to extend into an apprenticeship. 

Faz Adam, Work Placement Officer at the College said “Dyrell’s enthusiasm for finding a placement helped him secure a role with Parker Plumbing & Heating. He showed an extremely high level of desire and hunger, the ideal characteristics required in a student who would be representing the College.”

Ensuring all students receive the best experience they can, the College works with students and the employer to help them prepare for the work environment. Tony was able to provide Dyrell with an application to gain a temporary CSCS card to get on to site. This gave him the experience to work on large projects. Speaking about this Dyrell said “I have never worked on a site of that scale before and I loved getting on with the job and I kept myself busy even though it was very cold. I gained valuable experience using tools I don't use at college and I really enjoyed getting to grips with it. Tony gave me responsibility and let me complete the tasks he set independently which helped me pick things up very quickly. I was fitting toilet seats and showers and I enjoyed being part of a really big site.”

I'd like to thank you for nominating Dyrell for the work placement, it’s easy to see why this enigmatic character was the prime choice.

Tony, Parker Plumbing and Heating

Following the placement, Tony from Parker Plumbing & Heating gave excellent feedback about Dyrell: “From the outset Dyrell performed incredibly, even before starting the placement he impressed with his strong communication skills and proactive attitude. During the week he was a pleasure to work with, having been away myself the week before I was faced with a frustrating work schedule for the course of Dyrell's placement. His positive demeanour and great people skills lightened the mood, turning what could have been a miserable week into something quite the opposite, his likeable character also drew praise from other site operatives. Dyrell applied himself to all tasks set for him, showing a keen eagerness to learn.  He worked hard and would use his initiative to keep himself busy.”

After he finished the placement, Dyrell received an excellent record on his supervisor report form. Due to the long distance for Dyrell to get to site, it was agreed the placement could not be carried further however it was left on excellent terms, Tony continued, “It is purely circumstantial that we cannot progress his placement and does not reflect the incredible impression Dyrell made upon me.  I believe he deserves an apprenticeship to kick start his chosen career. I wish him all the luck in finding the right employer, should he require any help or advice in the future, and I would be more than grateful to assist.”

Having made a positive impact on his work employer and getting an insight into the work environment, Dyrell is now more focussed on getting the most out of his time at the College: “This placement made me feel like I need to work harder to get the next opportunity. I know I can take this experience and it can help me in my next trial. I have gained more apprenticeship trials since and I will work harder next time to get an apprenticeship.”

Dyrell with tutor Phil Bray

Dyrell with tutor Phil Bray

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