Leeds College of Building

Statement for use of the 16-19 tuition fund

Leeds College of Building is committed to ensuring that all students succeed to their full potential on their chosen programme. The College recognises that development in English and maths is crucial in supporting a student’s progression, alongside their vocational programme. As such, the College has identified areas that will benefit students and their progress through the use of the 16-19 tuition fund.

All students who do not have a grade 4 in English and / or maths will have access to GCSE English and maths support from 9.00am until 4.30pm via fully staffed online learning. This provides access when the students are available and can be focused on the individual students needs.

As the academic year progresses and following robust assessments, specialist intervention sessions for English and maths will be scheduled, with students invited to attend. These sessions will support students in the lead up to the summer series of exams.

In order to support the increased sessions of English and maths and to ensure all students have the equipment required, additional resources such as textbooks, digital resources, calculators and other maths equipment will be purchased.

At the College, Study Programme students have support from a Personal Advisor. An element of the tuition funds has been allocated to ensuring that all students can access this support as and when they need. This support is wide ranging and pastoral in nature, removing barriers to learning.

A proportion of the tuition fund has been allocated to students on the Bridge Builder programme, ensuring in class support and resources to manage an effective transition into the College environment and onwards into the vocational curriculum.

Finally, within our vocational faculties, the tuition fund has been allocated to allow the curriculum departments to support small groups of students who may have gaps in knowledge, a need to improve specific areas or need more time with subject specialists. This work is aimed at supporting comprehensive skills development and enabling progression to higher level skills or employment upon completion of their programme.