Heating & Ventilation Engineer

Heating & Ventilation Engineer

Become a Heating & Ventilation Engineer

Heating & Ventilation (Industrial & Commercial) Engineers

Heating & ventilation engineers design, install and commission large heating and air conditioning systems in buildings including offices, hospitals, schools, shopping centres and leisure complexes in order to provide a comfortable environment for those who use the buildings.

Heating & Ventilation (Service & Maintenance) Engineers

Service & maintenance engineers monitor, repair and maintain all of the building services equipment, heating, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration systems in occupied buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals, factories or shops.

  • Practical skills
  • Ability to learn and apply technical information
  • Ability to follow technical drawings
  • Willing to work in confined spaces
  • Normal colour vision
  • The ability to take accurate measurements
  • Written and spoken communication skills
  • Problem solving

At Leeds College of Building we offer apprenticeships or part-time courses in Heating & Ventilations. You will need to complete the apprenticeship or NVQ and be working with a qualified heating and ventilation engineer.


Newly trained HVAC engineers can earn in the region of £20,000

Experienced HVAC engineers can earn up to £35,000

Self-employed HVAC engineers set their own pay rates.

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