Site Carpenter

Site Carpenter

Become a Construction Site Carpenter

You’ll work as an employee or a self-employed contractor for large and small construction companies. You may work on a construction site, a client’s premises, or in your own workshop.

Day-to-day tasks could include making and fitting wooden structures like staircases, door frames, roof timbers and partition walls, installing kitchens, cupboards and shelving, making and fitting interiors in shops, bars, restaurants, offices and public buildings.

  • Ability to follow technical drawings and plans
  • Maths skills to calculate quantities and angles
  • The ability to pay close attention to detail and make accurate measurements

Site Carpentry is available as a part-time course or an apprenticeship. Good GCSEs are recommended for measurements and calculations. At Leeds College of Building entry is via a basic skills test or for part-time courses a relevant qualification.


Starting salaries are usually between £16,000 and £24,000.

With experience this could rise to £40,000.

Overtime and extra shift pay may increase your income. Self-employed carpenters and joiners set their own rates.

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