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Equality and Inclusion

At Leeds College of Building we recognise that there are certain groups of people who may face particular educational and vocational disadvantages which need to be addressed through a firm commitment to the ethos of Equality and Inclusion in education and employment. The College celebrates and values the diversity brought to the College by students and staff.

The College promotes positive actions and attitudes towards and between all members of staff and students. We seek not only to eliminate discrimination, but also to create a learning environment based on positive relations between members of different racial groups. The College also works towards the elimination of discrimination and seeks to ensure that individuals and communities have equal access to learning programmes and facilities.

The College aims to treat all of its students with respect and dignity, and seeks to provide a learning environment free from all types of discrimination, harassment or victimisation. The College's Equality and Inclusion Officer will be familiar with the kinds of problems that learners may experience. They will be available to speak to you so that you have an opportunity to talk privately about something that may be worrying you. Individuals are sought to represent the students on the Board of Governors, Equality and Inclusion Committee and other internal committees.

If you find the words on these documents are too small, ask our staff for a copy with larger print. Other versions of this document are available on request in standard and alternative formats.

Please contact our Equality and Inclusion Officer on 0113 222 6000 ext 6107.