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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

 'Inspiring lives and building futures'

College Values

Respectful - to value diversity, care for and support each other and the environment. This is demonstrated by:

  • Listening to each other and valuing different points of view
  • Treating people with dignity and encourage feelings of self-worth
  • Promoting trust through professional courtesy and customer service
  • Mutually respecting and being tolerant of different faiths & beliefs
  • Respecting the laws of a democratic society
  • Supporting the right to individual liberty
  • Being open and honest in your communication

 Aspirational - to achieve excellence in all we do. This is demonstrated by:

  • Focusing on an outstanding student experience
  • Ensuring excellent standards of performance and delivery of quality processes, services, and learning experience
  • Recognising and celebrating achievements
  • Supporting staff and students to reach their full potential

 Integrity - to be open, fair and honest. This is demonstrated by:

  • Being a role model
  • Trusting others and building respectful relationships
  • Listening attentively and communicating appropriately
  • Being open, honest and trustworthy

 Accountable - to be responsible for our actions. This is demonstrated by:

  • Accepting personal responsibility for our actions and exemplifying high ethical standards
  • Achieving individual objectives and targets set in a timely manner
  • Meeting deadlines in all you do
  • Participating as a team member in realising Corporate objectives
  • Following the rule of law

 Inspirational - to be creative and innovative in all we do. This is demonstrated by:

  • Creating high expectations for achievement by everyone
  • Striving to exceed goals
  • Pushing yourself and others to excel
  • Being passionate, positive and enthusiastic

 Enjoyable - to have fun and succeed. This is demonstrated by:

  • Using appropriate humour to encourage and enthuse
  • Encouraging participation in wider College activities
  • Working together to achieve positive outcomes
  • A smile