How do I get to college?

We have 3 campus sites, South Bank 1&2 (LS10 1HD) and North Street (LS2 7QT)

You can use the Metro bus route planner to plan your journey. Before starting college in September it is useful to apply for the FREE Under 19 photocard – you can do this online here or call into the metro office at the central bus station.

Why do I need an ID badge?

All students (and staff) are required to wear their ID badge whilst in and around college as this helps to safeguard everyone and always ensure security.

Barriers are installed at the entrance of the college and ID badges are required to gain entry.

Why must I wear PPE within the workshop?

Personal Protective Equipment are items such as laced steel toe capped boots, hi vis jacket, work trousers/overalls, gloves and protective googles. Each trade will require different items, but all are important to ensure the safety of a student as these items will protect you from hazards in the workshop. A requirements list will be provided or can be requested from admin office C14.

What do I wear for college?

Although LCB do not have a dress code, we would encourage all students to dress appropriately and comfortably for the classroom, and the necessary clothing for the workshop. No shorts to be worn in the workshop.

What will I need each day for college?

We encourage you to look at your timetable to see what sessions you have that day. In the classroom, you will need appropriate stationery and a notebook. If in the workshop, then you will require your PPE.

Do I need to study Maths & English?

If you don’t achieve a grade 4 in your GCSE Maths or English, you will be required to re-sit either or both subjects whilst studying a course at LCB.

When I start in September will I have to attend every day?

Upon starting your course, you will be given your timetable, this will show the times and days you will need to be in college and what room/workshop you will be working in.

You are expected to attend all lessons punctually and remain for the full session. All lessons include workshops, enrichment activities, group and individual tutorials, English and Maths sessions if re-sitting, additional support sessions and any other timetabled activity which forms part of your programme of study.

You must adhere to the Attendance and Punctuality Expectations for Students – a copy of this can be obtained from Student Services.

As a student you should avoid taking holidays in term time. If a request for such an absence is unavoidable then it must be authorised by the Course Tutor / Curriculum Manager

If you wish to request a leave of absence for the observation of prayer, please speak with your tutor directly. Staff will take steps to provide the student with support to catch up on their work.

What if I struggle in the classroom or workshop setting?

We would encourage you to speak with a member of staff. We have a team of dedicated staff who will be happy to help and support you.

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is a variety of extra activities that you can take part in at college, including information tutorials, football, gym, yoga, pool, MMA, boxing, and more.

Can I leave belongings at college?

Lockers are available around the college. You will be required to bring a padlock into the college, to keep your belongings safe.

What do I do if any of my contact details have changed once I’ve enrolled? (E.g. home address, phone number, email address, next of kin etc)

You can either inform Student Services at the campus you study at, or you can update the faculty secretaries for your course.

Is there any financial support to help me attend college?

Yes, the college has Student Support Funds. Application forms will be available to download from August 1st.