Hattie Hassan IWD Listing Image

Hattie Hasan MBE

Founder, Stopcocks: Women Plumbers

When Hattie Hasan created Stopcocks in 1990, she was determined to offer a quality service that bettered that offered by other plumbers and tradespeople. She came to the field indirectly after following a career path in teaching.

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Zara Dupont IWD Listing Image

Zara Dupont

Interior Systems/Dry Lining Apprentice

Last year, staff at Leeds College of Building were overjoyed after an extraordinary flurry of awards, including many won by exceptional female students.

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Sarah Sunderland Listing Image

Sarah Sunderland

Head of University Centre

Among Leeds College of Building’s specialist staff is newly appointed Head of University Centre, Sarah Sunderland, an experienced architect and female role model for women in construction.

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Nikki Davis Case Study Listing Image

Nikki Davis

CEO & Principal, Leeds College of Building

Nikki Davis is the Principal & CEO of Leeds College of Building - the first female to be appointed to the role in the College’s history.

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Leora Wilson Winning Award

Leora Wilson

Transport Planning Technician Apprentice

Leora is a remarkable ambassador for women undertaking apprenticeships in the construction sector.

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Alisa Ahmed BAM

Alisa Ahmad

Civil Engineering Site Management Degree Apprentice

Alisa Ahmad is one of many young female ambassadors leading the way in the construction sector today.

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