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Alison Dowell

Alison Dowell Mural listing image

'Shards of Colour' Wall Mural

Painting & Decorating

As I managed to complete all my work to complete my Level 2 Painting and Decorating qualification, my tutor asked me to do a special assignment. 

The Painting and Decorating department has just moved from Millwright Street to North Street and therefore there were many bare areas to brighten up. 

I had previously demonstrated from my past work that I was capable of transferring detailed images to walls and I was excited to take on a new challenge.

Martin, my tutor, asked me to find a colourful image to transfer to a wall. We finally agreed on an image I found on Pinterest. 

Martin got the image approved and the partition wall was chosen as my canvas.

The preparation took some time. I sanded, wiped down, filled, sanded, filled, sanded, dusted, painted, filled, sanded, dusted and then painted 3 more coats of fast matt.

I used a projector to enable me to draw an outline of the image. 

I wanted to fully utilise the wall space so I made it as big as possible.

I was only able to project half of it as there was a display in the way, so half of the image was drawn freehand with ruler and pencil.

All the cutting in was achieved by only using a marl stick and a steady hand.

Some colours had great opacity (like the turquoises) but other colours (like the greens) needed some 4 coats to get a solid colour.  The whole image was coated with 2 coats of acrylic varnish to give added protection. Hopefully it will remain for some time!

Dulux colours used:

I needed 28 different colours to achieve the design. I knew the colours provided at College were not enough. I regularly use the Dulux Decorating Centre to purchase products and so I asked a favour from them. It took some time for approval from the Manager but I managed to get all the colours donated which equated to nearly £200 worth of paint!

3 different shades of turquoise 

  • Dark- Teal Touch 
  • Mid- Tranquil Depths 
  • Light- Marine Splash 

3 different shades of pink

  • Dark- Sumptuous Plum
  • Mid- Berry Smoothie
  • Light- Sweet Pink

3 different shades of red

  • Dark- Ruby Scarlet
  • Mid- Pepper Red
  • Light- Coral Flair 

3 different shades of purple 

  • Dark- Regal Purple 
  • Mid- Purple Pout
  • Light- Gentle Lavender

3 different shades of blue

  • Dark- Sapphire Salute 
  • Mid- Striking Cyan
  • Light- Blissful Blue

3 different shades of yellow 

  • Dark- Honey Mustard 
  • Mid- Banana Split
  • Light- Vanilla Sundae

3 different shades of orange

  • Dark- Earths Core
  • Mid- Moroccan Flame
  • Light- Tangerine Twist

3 different shades of light green

  • Dark- Fresh Pine
  • Mid- Parrots Plume
  • Light- Kiwi Crush

3 different shades of dark green 

  • Dark- Pine Needle
  • Mid- Emerald Glade
  • Light- Dewy Dawn