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You don’t need to go to university to study higher education

Find a suitable higher education course at LCB

You don’t need to go to university to study Higher Education; you can study at your local college!

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What jobs are there for 16-18-year-olds?

If you’re looking to start work, perhaps consider an apprenticeship.

More and more 16-year-olds are choosing an apprenticeship after they leave school today.

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Leaving School

What are my options after leaving school?

What's next for you?

Here’s some information to help you decide your options after leaving school. You can go to college, apply for an apprenticeship or stay on at school.

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How to choose a career in Construction

“Deciding what to do when you leave school”

If you are leaving school this year or are aged 16-18 and looking into your options for a career in construction, we have a few ideas to get you kick-started

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