At Leeds College of Building (LCB), we think we’re pretty special. That’s because we’re the only further education college in the UK dedicated to construction and the built environment.

Leeds College of Building (LCB) is the only General Further Education College (GFEC) in the UK dedicated to the construction industry. Since the 1960s, we have played a pivotal role in delivering high-quality education & training for the industry, and we remain committed to supporting new developments and ensuring vocational and technical provision meets industry needs. The construction industry adds enormous value to the country. It provides many jobs (over 2.7 million), and its output (8%) is essential for commerce, housing, infrastructure and repairs & maintenance. LCB is proud and honoured to support the continuing and future needs of a highly skilled construction industry workforce.

Our courses

The College has responded to the growth in 16-18, apprenticeships and higher education provision, and provides over 200 courses from entry level to level 6.

Our students

In total, we welcome around 5,500 students, and we recruit from across the UK. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity, and inclusivity and safeguarding are central to our mission and values. We work extremely hard to ensure students represent every section of our community.

Our partners

One of our strengths is our links with businesses. We partner with over 600 leading employers. This means we can tap into expertise that benefits all our students throughout their studies.

Students get hands-on experience in the real world, and we make sure our courses meet the needs of industry. Students can also gain opportunities or employment through these business relationships.

Our sites

The College is based over two locations in Leeds: North Street Campus and South Bank Campus. The campuses provide world class learning environments and classroom and workshop facilities for craft and higher technical courses in building services engineering, construction trades, rail and higher education, allowing further expansion of provision to meet employer and student needs.

99% of students are achieving what they came to do at LCB