At Leeds College of Building (LCB), we think we’re pretty special. That’s because we’re the only further education college in the UK dedicated to construction and the built environment.

Our courses

Established in 1960, LCB is not only unique, we’re recognised for delivering some of the best courses and apprenticeships nationally. We teach more than 200 courses related to construction and the built environment.

Our apprenticeships, further and higher education, and business training attracts students from all over the UK. Courses are taught from entry-level all the way up to, and including, level 7 (degree-level qualifications).

Our students

Just four years ago, the College had 965 apprentices; by the end of the last academic year, that figure was nearly 2,250. During the same time, Higher Level Apprenticeships increased from 73 to 465, an incredible 536% increase.

In total, we welcome around 6,500 students and are committed to promoting equality and diversity. Inclusivity and safeguarding are central to our mission and values. We work extremely hard to ensure students represent every section of our community.

Our partners

One of our strengths is our links with businesses. We partner with over 500 leading employers. This means we can tap into expertise that benefits all our students throughout their studies.

Students get hands-on experience in the real world, and we make sure our courses meet the needs of industry. So, what you learn will be put to practical use in your job. Students can also gain opportunities or employment through these business relationships.

Our sites

The College is based over two locations in Leeds: North Street Campus and South Bank Campus. A £13-million state-of-the-art building at the South Bank Campus opened recently in 2019.

In total, 99% of LCB students surveyed said they are achieving what they came to do at LCB.

So, what’s stopping you? Build your future here.

99% of students are achieving what they came to do at LCB