Starting a new journey at College is an exciting time for most young people but you may experience lots of worries and anxieties around coming to a new place, meeting new people and making new friends. Being care experienced could mean you may need additional support and guidance to help make your College experience a positive one.

Being care experienced means you will have spent time living with foster carers under local authority care, in residential care (e.g. a children’s home), looked after at home under a supervision order, or in kinship care with relatives or friends, either officially (e.g. a special guardianship order) or informally without local authority support.

At Leeds College of Building we offer:

  •  Dedicated safeguarding officers who are responsible for and have an understanding of the needs of a care experienced student
  • Eligible students will receive a bursary to support with costs associated with College. The bursary is up to £1200 per year and will cover the cost of breakfast, lunch and travel. This can also be used towards the cost of equipment.
  • Arranged visits to your chosen campus, which includes a tour of the faculty area and the opportunity to meet key staff members
  • Tailored support, as required. We work closely with the Inclusive learning support team to ensure any support needs are met
  • Accessing college services including welfare and financial support, mental health and wellbeing, student enrichment, careers guidance and advice
If you are a care experienced person, a social worker, virtual school or a parent/carer and would like more information around the support we can offer, please contact us at

For information on our Bursary Fund and how to apply for this, please click here.